Homosexuality in youth cinema

Magda Drewicz

Cele lekcji

– students learn to express their own opinions on the controversial topic

– students are being sensitized to hard social issues

– students are getting familiar with categorizing the film’s genre

– students learn to watch the movie critically

Czas pracy

90 minutes

Przebieg lekcji

1. Did you like the film?

Time: 15 min.

The students get the attachment 1 and answer the questions.

Firstly, they work individually, then work in pairs – sharing their opinions on the movie – then they form groups of four and finally all ‚fours’ present the opinion in front of other students. It gives the teacher feedback on the students’ attitude towards the film and its reception.

Remind the students to keep the papers, they will need them later.

2. Brainstorm

Time: 30 min

The students’ answers to the last question are written on the board (anticipated answers: romance, drama, comedy). The teacher splits them into 3 groups and distributes attachment 2, asking not to unfold the papers but note down (in groups) typical motives/conventions of these genres.

After reading answers aloud, the students are asked to unfold the paper and write what scenes in movie fit given motives/conventions.

They are reading their answers aloud.

This exercise is designed to teach students recognize given genres’ motives in the movie.

3. Portrait of a homosexual.

Time: 20 min.

In two groups, students are brainstorming, on the basis of the film, what a stereotypical homosexual woman looks like; what are, according to the film, the reasons behind being homosexual (relationships with adults, genes, disappointment in relationships?); the personality of such a person; the environment. One group characterizes Randy, the other one Evie. The conclusions are read aloud and written on the blackboard.

Then the teacher asks the students about their opinion on the topic. Is (not) the portrait of lesbians presented in the film true in their opinion? Why?

Provoke a whole class discussion. The students should be able to express their own opinions, share facts and experiences.

Note for the teacher: as homosexuality may be a controversial topic in some classes, make sure that the discussion will not get too personal.

4. Group discussions.

Time: 30 min

Ask the students questions and involve them in the group discussion, make sure that as many students as possible will get involved into the discussion, elicit opinions from shy students.

– What are differences and similarities between attitudes toward homosexuality nowadays and in 1995?

You can write them in two separate columns and then try to reach the conclusion with the students if the situation is better or worse than ten years ago.

– The lesbians in the film seem to be alienated from society. What do you think are the reasons behind it?

– What are feminist motives in the movie? Can we say that Randy and her family are feminists? Why (not)?

– In what way are men portrayed in the film? Are they bad guys or good guys? What

do you think is the purpose of this ‚image’? (examples: Wendy’s husband, the girls’ fathers, the math teacher, Randy’s gay friend)

– Comment on the title. Can you agree that the girls’ adventure is ‚incredibly true’? Why (not)?

Praca domowa

Write a review of the movie based on conclusions from exercise number 1 (attachment 1).


Attachment 1

My answer My partner’s answer Group answers
What was your general impression of the movie?
What were your expectations on the movie in case of film’s topic?
What did you like about the movie?
Give more than 1
What did you dislike about the movie?
Give more than 1
What were your expectations about the movie with regard to the film genre?

Attachment 2

Motives/conventions Corresponding scenes
Group 1 Fold this part

Motives/conventions Corresponding scenes
Group 2 Fold this part!
Motives/conventions Corresponding scenes
Group 2 Fold this part

tytuł: „The incredibly true adventure of two girls in love”
gatunek: dramat, komedia
reżyseria: Maria Maggenti
scenariusz: Maria Maggenti
zdjęcia: Tami Reiker
obsada: Nicole Ari Parker, Dale Dickey, Laurel Holloman, Stephanie Berry, Maggie Moore, Kate Stafford, Sabrina Artel, Toby Poser
muzyka: Tom Judson, Terry Dame
produkcja: USA
rok prod.: 1995
czas trwania: 94 min
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